Membership Application

We believe that people are the most important asset to our organization. Membership consists of both active and retired members of the Houston Police Department, including civilian support staff. Join us for only $27.00 a month.

1. Print the application
2. Fill out the application completely and legibly
3.Hand Deliver to a Current Board Member or Contact Membership Chair
Brandon Love
South Central Division

Payroll Authorization Form

Local Government Code

Promotional Exam Reimbursement

AAPOL would like to award eligible AAPOL members, reimbursement. The purpose of this program is to support the needs of AAPOL eligible members.

AAPOL Financial Advisor

AAPOL Attorney

The Law Office of Allena J. Wright is a full service law firm with 10 years of experience. Based out of Houston, we specialize in Personal Injury and Family Law.