AAPOL President, Brandon Love, is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, who relocated to Houston shortly after marrying his college sweetheart. He’s always been determined to make an impact on others which lead him to a career in law enforcement and he has gladly served the City of Houston for ten years as an officer with the Houston Police Department (HPD). President Love devoted many years to serving and representing the citizens who live in Third Ward, also known as ‘’The Tre.” In 2022 President Love was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and is currently assigned to the Office of Community Affairs. In his new role, President Love has the opportunity and platform to further the mission of HPD, which is to enhance the quality of life in the City of Houston, as well as bridging the gap between community and police with AAPOL.

President Love is a devoted husband of ten years, to his wife Robin, and a proud father to three beautiful girls Linzi, Chloe, and Aubri. His education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Dillard University, and a Masters of Art degree in Public Administration from Texas Southern University.

Throughout President Love’s involvement with AAPOL; in his previous role as Membership Director, he was able to increase membership substantially to over 700 active members! Now, as President, he is focused on increasing active membership to over 1,000. President Love believes that iron sharpens iron and is focused on strengthening his relationship between the AAPOL Board of Directors and its members. He is excited to cultivate new and innovative ideas that will help increase membership as well as spread awareness of what AAPOL offers both internally and externally.

President Love fully backs the mission of AAPOL and hopes to serve his members and the community with valor, respect, and integrity.

Brandon Love
AAPOL President
C: 504.237.0628
E: [email protected] 

Vice President

My name is Briana Roberts and I have been employed by the Houston Police Dept for 11 years. I am currently assigned to the Houston Police Department-Apartment Enforcement Unit. I have been a member of AAPOL since I was a cadet in the Academy. I always felt it was important to be a part of this great organization. I am excited about helping our members and assisting in the mission and expansion of AAPOL. I have always felt inspired by the work that AAPOL is doing in the community. I am honored to represent AAPOL and formally accept this new position as Vice President!

Briana Roberts
AAPOL Vice President
P: 713.644.2466
E: [email protected]


My name is Tanglia Nichols and I have been employed by the Houston Police Department for over 30 years. I am currently working out of the Houston Police Department Apartment Enforcement Unit. I have been blessed to work in several different divisions at HPD. I am looking forward to the opportunity to be the Treasurer while standing behind the mission of AAPOL. I look forward to gaining relationships with the members of AAPOL and working closely with the community.

I am a Prairie View A&M University graduate and I bring a wealth of knowledge to the position of treasurer. If I can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Tanglia Nichols
AAPOL Treasurer
C: 713.644.2466
E: [email protected]

Membership Chair

My name is Faisal Bashir and I have had the esteemed pleasure to serve the City of Houston as a Houston Police Sergeant for the past 21 years. I currently hold the position as membership chair with AAPOL.

Throughout my tenure as membership chair, one of my main objectives is to bridge the gap between AAPOL and its colleagues. I am excited to garner new innovative ideas that will help increase membership, so all members are aware of the resources provided to them if needed.

Iron sharpens iron and I believe AAPOL is ready once again to make sure the organization and its members are in pristine shape to do so.

Please give me a ring for further inquiries.

Until then,

Sergeant Faisal Bashir
AAPOL Membership Chair
C: 713.417.7933
E: [email protected]

Athletic Chairperson

VACANT – This could be your opportunity to join the prestigious team of directors. Send your resume to [email protected] if interested.

Entertainment Chairperson

I am Sergeant Michael Agee—AAPOL Entertainment Chairperson. I am committed to organizing events that will bring the community together through fun and fellowship.

My 16 years on the department has afforded me the opportunity to make many connections throughout the city. My goal is to use this position to unite HPD with the citizens we serve.

Michael Agee
Entertainment Chairperson

Grievance  Chairperson

My name is Jamie Byrd-Grant and I have been employed with the Houston Police Department for 10 years. I am currently assigned to the Office of Public Affairs under the leadership of Deputy Director Regina Woolfolk, where I serve as the Community Outreach Officer. I am stoked beyond measures to be afforded the opportunity to build meaningful relationships and everlasting bonds within the communities in which I serve as a proud Houston Police Officer.

With integrity, honor and pride I am humbly excited to serve as the Afro American Police Officer League Grievance Director. In this position I will work collaboratively with the grievance committee as well as the officer of interest. I will continue to carry out the mission of AAPOL while gaining knowledge and building trust among those in which I serve.
As your Grievance Director I would like to inspire you to BE ENCOURAGED!


Jamie Byrd-Grant
AAPOL Grievance Director
C: 281-660-4572
E: [email protected]

Executive Director

AAPOL Executive Director, Sergeant DeAndre’ Hutchison, is a Sergeant with the Houston Police Department (HPD) assigned to the Midwest Patrol Division Differential Response Team(DRT) & Community Service Unit. In this assignment he oversees a group of eight officers that focus on quality of life issues in the community. The past 10 years have been devoted to serving our community with the highest professional standards and excellence. Throughout his career with HPD, President Hutchison has gone above and beyond the call of duty. In 2019 Sgt. Hutchison was awarded the Paul S. Wiedo Lifesaving Award.

DeAndre’ joined AAPOL out of academy class 214 (Motto: One Team! One Fight) and after being an active member for years, he decided to invest his talents, time, and leadership ability into the organization. In 2016, he was appointed as the Treasurer, where he was able to restructure the financial position of AAPOL and position them to take advantage of a booming economy. In 2018 he was elected as AAPOL Vice-President were he continued to focus on helping members and move the organization forward.

In 2020 Hutchison was elected to the office of President where he focused on the 3 R’s. Recruitment! Recommitment! & Retirees! AAPOL worked with Mayor Sylvester Turner, HPD’s Police Chief Troy Finner, and AAPOL Board members to improve HPD’s recruiting efforts. DeAndre’ also focused on improving member benefits and communication. So, more members want to recommit their time, energy, and efforts back to the organization. Lastly, we tapped into a wealth of information and resources in our retired member population. We laid out a strategic plan to reengage our retirees so that their legacy will continue for decades to come.

DeAndre’ Hutchison has a B.A. degree in Accounting from University of North Texas (UNT) and a M.A. in Accounting – Tax from UNT as well. While at UNT during the Spring of 2007 DeAndre’ Hutchison was initiated into Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.  DeAndre’ is also a loving husband to Delesa and father to three beautiful children. (Dionne, Dior, & DeAndre’ Jr.)

Deandre Hutchison
AAPOL Executive Director
C: 713.857.8634
E: [email protected]

Senior Executive Director

Sergeant Eric Carr, has approximately 20 years with Houston Police Department. Assignment includes NE Patrol, SE Jail, B&T, Financial Crimes, Community Affairs and SC Patrol Division. 2015, he was elected as the Membership director where he helped increase the membership by signing up several new members and became an ambassador for AAPOL.

2016-2020 he was elected AAPOL President where he focused on helping members on and off duty, lobby legislation to improve officer benefits, and helping make AAPOL a 5 star organization that puts the members first. He continues to supporting the mission of AAPOL while working to improve the relations between our community and the police.

Eric Carr
Senior Executive Director
P: 713.644.2466
E: [email protected]