An Organization where there is understanding

AAPOL was founded in 1975 under the leadership and guidance of Houston Police Officer Alvin V. Young (dec.). Officer Young worked tirelessly as a liaison between the department and the community it serves and today AAPOL remains active in police and community affairs. AAPOL prides itself on it’s diversity of membership, serving not only those from the African-American community, but members from all backgrounds and races, including White, Hispanic, Asian-American, and others.

AAPOL strongly believes in the concept of “community policing,” a concept which calls for a cooperative partnership between the community and police officers. This partnership encourages open communication in order to ensure a safer environment for all concerned.

AAPOL also actively encourages the recruitment and selection of women and minorities to the Houston Police Academy. Past AAPOL victories have resulted in a more racially diverse police department from the patrol ranks to the command staff. The city of Houston is one of the most racially and culturally diverse cities in the America and AAPOL works to ensure everyone in the community has an opportunity to serve as a member of the Houston Police Department, either as an officer or as a member of the civilian support staff.

The dynamics of policing have changed dramatically over the years, and changes in attitudes and expectations have prompted AAPOL to evolve in order to meet these changes and new demands. AAPOL continues to remain focused on addressing the needs of our community through positive police-community relations. Through its various fundraising activities AAPOL is actively involved in supporting local and national charities, including educational scholarship opportunities and financial support for members in time of need.

Our executives have similar professional and educational backgrounds and have served the community for 10+ years. Our goal is to have a place where our members can join together as a growing community, a place each member can seek help and ask questions.


Join AAPOL. Be a part of our community.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Afro American Police Officers League is to exhaust all legal means in an effort to resolve and secure equality within the community and workplace in which we exist. We hereby dedicate ourselves to influence educational achievement by all citizens, as well as the membership we serve. We shall promote social fellowship and adherence to law and order within our membership, the police department, and our community, while advocating cooperation with our judicial system and each branch of local, state, and federal government.

AAPOL is the key organization mandating the selection of women and minorities to the Houston Police Academy.  AAPOL victories today result in diversity throughout the Houston Police Department,  opening doors to women, Blacks, Asians, and Hispanics from the patrol function to the Command staff.

We continuously work to enhance police and community relations. AAPOL believes in the philosophy of “Community Policing,” that calls for a true, cooperative partnership between the Community and the Police for a safer environment.


Houston, Texas